prologue. or something like that.

Welp. This is my third blog in about as many years. This time, though, I’m actually going to stick to this! I want to be an author, and they say that having a platform is a good idea… so here it goes.

I like to think that I am good at reviewing books… though I don’t really read enough books to say that. The last book I read was Harry Potter and I’ve read that WAY too many times to review it. I also like to think that I am terrible at writing but as a very wise person once told me, “we are all our own worst critic”, so perhaps that is the case here too.

Really? I am just a smol trash can who has found a way to type on a computer.

And also read books. Somehow.

( #unrealisticauthorgoals. )


I talk way too much and fangirl way too much about things. I sing Hamilton way too loudly and talk a bit too much about the life of said Founding Father. I procrastinate at writing a novel. Heck, I procrastinate at Pretty Much Everything so maybe procrastination is just my superpower ( because I’d rather it be procrastination than over thinking everything. )

Before you ask: I write and read young adult, and sometimes middle grade. Who doesn’t love a good Rick Riordan book, for example? At this moment in time, I am writing a middle grade/young adult series about Celtic mythology and faeries and there might also be a dragon in there because DRAGONS.

( Dragons are awesome. They hoard treasure and capture maidens and breathe fire! Who doesn’t want to be a dragon? )



( Hope to see you again soon !! )