the kylo ren problem


Unless you’ve been under a rock since late 2015, when The Force Awakens came out, you probably know about Kylo Ren. He’s the whiny, inspired-by-nazis, bratty man child who tons of women in their late twenties and early thirties are in love with… and all his behavior gets hand-waved away by these fans because he’s “attractive” (excuse me for having good taste in men, but no, he’s really not), because he “had a bad childhood” (excuse my language but SHOW ME THE FUCK WHERE?), and also because of one very important fact…

He’s white.

“But Cade!” I hear you saying. “What does that have to do with anything?”

Look me in the (metaphorical) eyes and tell me that if a man who tortures, injures, is based off a Nazi, whines, throws temper tantrums, killed a bunch of people would be loved by everyone if he was, for example, played by a black dude.

“People like that guy from, ummm,” you say, spinning a wheel to find a villain of color whom everyone likes. I’m gonna guess you can’t find one who’s done everything Kylo has. If you have found a villain who’s murdered, tortured, whines, throws temper tantrums, is a Nazi, and happens to be a person of color, congratulations!! You’ve hit the jackpot!

You know what your reward is?

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asexuality & aromanticism

If you know me at all, you probably know I’m aromantic and asexual. I’ve received tons of questions/comments on that, ranging from “isn’t that just celibacy?” to “do you still want a relationship?” and “every human being wants sex.” Believe me – it was just as confusing for me to figure it out as it is for allosexual/alloromantic people (aka, people who do feel sexual/romantic attraction) to get that I don’t feel the way they do.

There’s no warm happy fuzzy feelings when I see someone cute. If I DO think someone’s cute, it’s from an aesthetic point of view. And no, that’s not the same as romantic or sexual attraction – otherwise I’d be bi, seeing as I have swishes (aesthetic crushes, and yes, the name is funny) on both John Boyega and Daisy Ridley. Do I want to date either of them? No. Do I want to wake up in the morning next to them and make pancakes? No. Do I think they’re both very pretty and good actors and wish I could somehow manage to capture how they look in my writing or in some other form of art? Yes, yes I do.

So, with further (or is it no further?) ado, here are some Frequently Asked Questions I’ve answered, and my explanations!

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on my psuedo-hiatus.

Sadly there is no header for this post, because I got a new computer back in February and forgot to check to see what font I was using! Oh well, guess that means it’s time to switch to a new one?

I don’t think many people are checking this blog on a regular basis (except for my mom) but if you haven’t noticed, I haven’t updated for several months! When I got my new computer, I lost the password to my blog, and COMPLETELY spaced out on what it was until recently.

Plus, back in February, I was in the hospital. It wasn’t anything super serious – I was really depressed back in January and February, and I ended up being admitted to an inpatient stay. That, plus all the outpatient therapy I had to go through… well, I didn’t really want to get on my blog, or try to figure out my password.

But now I’m back, and will be writing more book reviews and the like! (Maybe I’ll even update on all the delicious food I’m gonna start making, because I am an Adult and Adults need to learn how to feed themselves.)

Anyways, you’ll be seeing me again soon!


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novelling & stuff.

First off: is ‘novelling’ a word? Because the dictionary does not have it in it and I really think it should be a word. Like…

1. the activity of writing a novel in one’s spare time, often characterized by one screaming, pulling their hair out, and hoping that pantsing or outlining works better than the other.

( It really should be a word. I should just devote my time to making words or definitions. Then I would at least have a job. )

Well. In news: I hit 7k on my novel, aka Untitled Project, because I am lazy and cannot come up with a name for the life of me. It’s the first in a series ( hopefully ) about a pair of cousins who are dragged into the faerie world. And as previously mentioned, there will probably be a dragon. And lots of food because food is good. I like to think that it is kind of Percy Jackson but with Celtic myths instead of Greek myths and two narrators.

Yes, I’ve been doing a lot of novelling / writing recently. Yes, this is characterized by me pulling my hair out, wanting to slam my head on my desk, desiring spoonfuls of chocolate frosting, bouncing plot ideas off my sister ( Sam ) and my best friend ( Lolita, who is literally the best beta reader / idea bouncer on earth ), and several other things, that many a non writer probably find incredibly strange.

I’m 87% convinced my sister thinks I’m insane. I honestly can’t blame her.


I have been working on this novel since late October and I have 12 pages in OpenOffice. This probably the longest I have actually plotted a novel prior to writing it… and also probably the longest I have ever spent on a novel aside from my very first novel. Usually I lose muse for my novel and abandon it at 20 or 30 pages, never to see the light of day again. Plus, this is also the first novel I have somewhat outlined that is actually getting written. Yay me.

To be honest? The goal is to be able to try querying by the end of this year. It’s the second month of the year. Two months down, ten more to go.

I guess if I could actually bring myself to write on the weekends instead of wasting my free time on Tumblr or Pinterest, I’d probably have a larger word count. Hmm, maybe I ought to change that.

So! If there is anyone reading this, tell me: what are your “novelling” pursuits like? Do you write every day? Are you a weekend novelist? Do you reward yourself with chocolate or cake or something? Are you a plotter or a pantser? Do you spend too much time on the Internet researching your novel?


( hope to see you again soon !! )

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prologue. or something like that.

Welp. This is my third blog in about as many years. This time, though, I’m actually going to stick to this! I want to be an author, and they say that having a platform is a good idea… so here it goes.

I like to think that I am good at reviewing books… though I don’t really read enough books to say that. The last book I read was Harry Potter and I’ve read that WAY too many times to review it. I also like to think that I am terrible at writing but as a very wise person once told me, “we are all our own worst critic”, so perhaps that is the case here too.

Really? I am just a smol trash can who has found a way to type on a computer.

And also read books. Somehow.

( #unrealisticauthorgoals. )


I talk way too much and fangirl way too much about things. I sing Hamilton way too loudly and talk a bit too much about the life of said Founding Father. I procrastinate at writing a novel. Heck, I procrastinate at Pretty Much Everything so maybe procrastination is just my superpower ( because I’d rather it be procrastination than over thinking everything. )

Before you ask: I write and read young adult, and sometimes middle grade. Who doesn’t love a good Rick Riordan book, for example? At this moment in time, I am writing a middle grade/young adult series about Celtic mythology and faeries and there might also be a dragon in there because DRAGONS.

( Dragons are awesome. They hoard treasure and capture maidens and breathe fire! Who doesn’t want to be a dragon? )



( Hope to see you again soon !! )