My name’s Cat (or Cade.) I’m 19, I am a writer, I wish I could eat cake 24/7 and never get fat, because that would be seriously nice.

I write (and read !!) fantasy and contemporaries. At this current moment in time, I’m embarking on a quest to write a middle grade / young adult fantasy series featuring around faeries and Celtic mythology. Welp, that’s the plan, at least… sometimes plans do not always go as, well, planned.

So, below, are the Unimportant Facts about me that you did not ask for.

  • I play Bioware games wayyy too much. Send help.
  • I have an odd habit of abandoning a novel after 20 or 30 pages.
  • My book reviews honestly kinda suck but I like writing them.
  • I volunteer at my local library!
  • I am secretly a time traveler. Don’t tell anyone.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Cat, just leaving a comment to say I love your blog; it looks really adorable honestly, and I’ll keep checking on it for new stuff you post. 😁

    (A blog sounds like a cool idea tbh ?? I’ve had the idea for one but yk how I am, I never finish anything I start LOL help.)

    Anyways, good luck with this c: 💙


    • Thanks!! I’ve had two blogs previously (Tabby’s Corner and… Writings of a Fangirl I think?) but I abandoned both. ’tis sad. I kind of miss them. Apparently my mother has posts still saved in her emails from when she subscribed to one of them.

      And thanks!! I think it would be a lot more adorable if I had a nicer theme. This one was free. They don’t have enough customization for me to make it black and yellow like I wanted (because that is a nice color combination imo) but red works too!

      Yk, I bet you’d make a great blog if you put your mind to it. I know I’d read it and recommend it to literally everyone I know. “My best friend has a blog and she is cool and you should read her blog because it is cool.”


      • Aw it’s always sad to abandon works, but it’s cool your mom still has some saved !!

        Hm, maybe you could make a little bit of money to invest into your blog? Like right now it’s so cute and simple but you could just build it up over time o:

        Oh gosh lol you’re the greatest hehe. Honestly I don’t even know what I could blog about tho lol. To me it’s kinda like keeping a diary and I’m horrible at that lolol


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