the kylo ren problem


Unless you’ve been under a rock since late 2015, when The Force Awakens came out, you probably know about Kylo Ren. He’s the whiny, inspired-by-nazis, bratty man child who tons of women in their late twenties and early thirties are in love with… and all his behavior gets hand-waved away by these fans because he’s “attractive” (excuse me for having good taste in men, but no, he’s really not), because he “had a bad childhood” (excuse my language but SHOW ME THE FUCK WHERE?), and also because of one very important fact…

He’s white.

“But Cade!” I hear you saying. “What does that have to do with anything?”

Look me in the (metaphorical) eyes and tell me that if a man who tortures, injures, is based off a Nazi, whines, throws temper tantrums, killed a bunch of people would be loved by everyone if he was, for example, played by a black dude.

“People like that guy from, ummm,” you say, spinning a wheel to find a villain of color whom everyone likes. I’m gonna guess you can’t find one who’s done everything Kylo has. If you have found a villain who’s murdered, tortured, whines, throws temper tantrums, is a Nazi, and happens to be a person of color, congratulations!! You’ve hit the jackpot!

You know what your reward is?

Me reminding you that that is one character and there are hundreds of other Kylo Rens out there. How about I name a few other disgusting men that women stan? The Joker, Kilgrave, that guy from American Horror Story: Asylum, Chuck from Gossip Girls (okay, he’s not a murderous Nazi but he is a rapist and abuser and people STILL like him)… need I go on?

@ these women: y’all have a HUGE problem on your hands. This isn’t “oh, he’s a great character, I admire this villain”, this is “I ship him with the heroine whom he’s abused by attacking, trying to kill, reminding her she’s useless and means nothing to him, killed her mentor/father figure(s), and all because she’s a very vague stand in for myself”

(Also see the “I’d rather ship this evil dude with the heroine rather than ship the hero (who happens to be black) with her, and will belittle the hero at every chance I get, and will probably pair him off with a secondary character in order to act like I’m not racist.”)

Again: there’s nothing wrong with liking a villain. I happen to find that one guy from AHS:A really interesting. I happen to think the Joker’s a wonderful foil for Batman. And yeah, Kylo Ren’s pretty interesting himself. But again, he’s a bad guy.

Look, we got a problem: we’re finding any mildly “attractive” (aka mediocre, and 99% of the time, white) guy the BEST EVER, even going as far to claim that in, Kylo Ren’s case, he’s the real hero of the sequel trilogy. Also, he was abused by Han and Leia from the womb…? (Again, excuse my language, but what the hell?)


Spoilers for The Last Jedi: he kinda becomes the Emperor dude. You know. Of the Space Nazis.

Like, look, I get it: there’s nothing (supposedly) hotter than a bad guy with a redemption arc… so why don’t you go scream about, like… Zuko? Or Lotor? Or literally anyone but the Space Nazi?

Idk, man, it’s just kinda suspect. Can we just all collectively admit there’s a problem here?


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