non-romantic subplots.


I think I can speak for a lot of people – especially aromantic and asexual people – that romance (and sex!) are pretty boring subplots when they’re used constantly. In a book of my life, my subplot or plot B wouldn’t be about finding True Love or something like that…. so why does it have to be everyone’s?

Here’s am example: Jughead Jones in the Riverdale tv show. Jughead is asexual and aromantic, which is canon via the comics. So while his subplots in the show are 1) dating Betty and 2) joining a gang or whatever, they should be a lot different. Like…. food, because obviously my boy Jughead is in love with food more than he is with people.

So, I’ve compiled a list of other subplots that could be used instead of the really boring and stereotype-y “s/he finds love!!!”

  • bonding with a family member.
  • making a new friend.
  • getting over a fear.
  • discovering a new skill/power/talent.
  • working on a project.
  • finding a gift for someone.
  • a rivalry.
  • discovering something about themselves.
  • getting a job.
  • learning about a disorder they have.
  • coping with a loss.
  • helping a friend cope with a breakup/other loss.
  • redeeming a bad guy.
  • redemption in general!
  • researching something, whether it be their past or Greek myths or whatever fits their story.
  • struggling with a friend or family member’s addiction.
  • struggling with their own addiction.
  • learning a new language/other skill.
  • training for a race/sport.
  • winning a competition.
  • convincing someone of/to do something.
  • adopting a child or pet.
  • finding a new place to live.
  • volunteering somewhere.
  • grappling with their faith.
  • going to therapy.
  • keeping (or not keeping) a secret.
  • dealing with rumors/gossip.
  • learning to like a friend/family member’s friend or partner (or family member!)
  • trying to tell something to someone who won’t listen.
  • solving a mystery.
  • planning an event.
  • trusting the wrong person.
  • distrusting the right person!
  • trying to find someone.
  • trying to find something that’s really old and/or hard to find.
  • winning over someone who’s hard to win over.
  • getting tickets to an event that’s hard to get tickets to.
  • convincing a parent to let them go to an event.
  • trying to get into a certain college.
  • struggling with classes.
  • trying to find something they (or a friend) lost.

And there are plenty more where that comes from!!

Do you have any favorite non-romantic subplots? If so, tell me in the comments! I’d love to hear them 😀


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