a novel, in part.


I do a lot of writing. I’m not The Most Prolific Writer Ever – I probably only average about 1k a day on my current WIP, UNTITLED NOVEL ( because I am lazy and cannot come up with a better name. ) But over the years, I have amassed a total of 1 finished first draft, 5 unfinished drafts at about 20 pages each ( and then some that got abandoned at outlines or during the first 10 pages. )

But as much as I change ideas, I have always been drawn to one specific idea: faeries. My first ever written project was about a girl who finds out she’s actually half faerie. It was basically a rip off of A Tail of Emily Windsnap. It will never see the light of day.

My current WIP is about faeries. I’ve mentioned it twice now, and there’s a nifty little text box off to the side of my blog that has a very small description of said WIP.

It’s about a pair of cousins who find out that the faeries of British folklore and Celtic myths are not only very real, but can be very, very dangerous. I’ll probably talk a lot more about the two main characters in a separate blog post, because I love both of them dearly. They both narrate the novel in alternating chapters.

And, before you ask, not Tinkerbell type faeries. They are far too nice.


There is also food, and dragons, and realistic depictions of sibling-y relationships, and faeries. To be honest, I think I am taking too much inspiration from Rick Riordan and J.K. Rowling. Then again, I love their works.

I have a really nice Pinterest board for it, in my opinion ( included below because I really like it. )

But yes – I am very excited by this novel ( I’ve never spent three months on planning alone, but with this book, I did that. ) I’ve learned a lot about Celtic mythology and Arthurian mythology ( which kind of go hand in hand with faeries… and each other!! ) and I’ve learned a lot about writing middle grade ( because they are 12 in the first book, after all. )

I hope to finish the first draft by summer so I can try querying by the end of this year or by early 2018. At least, that’s the goal. If all goes well, and I get to 60k or 70k or however much is required ( and then edit it ) I might have an agent by next spring! But we’ll see.


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5 thoughts on “a novel, in part.

  1. Oh faeries ARE awesome and I like the dark vicious ones the best. 😉 Good luck with these!! And it’s always really excitingly awesome to see other writers really keen for their projects. IT’S ENCOURAGING!! And 1K a day, like all the time?!? I think that’s a seriously prolific writer! I write for like a week and then nothing for 2 months.😂


    • Agreed! The darker and viciouser (though I don’t think that’s a word) the better, in my opinion. Faeries like Tinker Bell are just a liiittle too nice for my tastes. Plus, there are so many interesting monsters in Celtic mythology that one writing a novel with faeries simply cannot pass up.
      At least you get a 2 month break in between your projects!! I pretty much write 1k a day every day but sometimes less on the weekends. I used to try to write 3k a day but that’s seriously exhausting lol


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