romance novels I’m excited for.


It’s that time of the year again: it’s February. And you know what that means… Valentine’s Day. Chocolate, flowers, cute couples getting dinner at ultra fancy restaurants, half off chocolates the day after February 14th, lots of pink and red and lace and stuff… yeah, there’s a lot of romance going around.

Me, I have nobody to spend Valentine’s Day with ( unless you count fictional characters, of course. ) I am very much single. Which is fine, because I am not in the market for a boyfriend at the moment. However… I am in the market for romance novels!

So, I went through my Goodreads TBR pile ( which has over 700 books in it… dang I need to delete some of those ) and pulled up a few romance novels I can’t WAIT to get my hands on. They look absolutely awesome. Plus, reading a romance novel gives me an excuse to eat chocolate!

So with no further ado,

ONCE AND FOR ALL, by Sarah Dessen. I am a HUGE Sarah Dessen fan. I have read all of her books. I own several of her books. And this one is about a wedding planner’s daughter! I already know this is going to be a good book. Sarah Dessen has never disappointed me.

WHEN DIMPLE MET RISHI, by Sandhya Menon. Described as a “laugh-out-loud, heartfelt YA romantic comedy, told in alternating perspectives, about two Indian-American teens whose parents have arranged for them to be married.” First off, the cover looks really nice. I’m a huge fan of arranged marriages. And also!! Diversity!!

ROMANCING THE THRONE, by Nadine Jolie Courtney. To be honest, novels like this are my guilty pleasure. Scandals! Secrets! Heartbreak! Princes! Plussss, it features around a pair of sisters. I am part of a pair of sisters. This looks really good. Also, the cover reminds me of Fangirl for some reason.

WHO’S THAT GIRL, by Blair Thornburgh. I love a well written “singer falls for person and writes song about them” novel. Which is weird, as I am an avid not-fan of all of the One Direction self-insert fanfics on Wattpad. Ahh well. Anyways: it doesn’t have the greatest cover on earth, and it looks like it’ll be a love triangle, but hey! It looks good!

A QUIET KIND OF THUNDER, by Sara Barnard. This one already came out, but it still belongs on this list, I think. I’m not entirely sure it focuses solely around romance. But it’s about Steffi, who’s selectively mute, and Rhys, who is deaf. It looks like it’ll be cute and I hear it’s been getting a lot of good reviews around the blogosphere.

SEVEN DAYS OF YOU, by Cecilia Vinesse. First: this looks like a romance doomed to end in heartbreak and I am a fan of angst. And it’s also set in Japan. And the main character has seven days left in Japan when her ex-something moves back to Japan. I can tell where this is going!!

Are there any specific romance novels you’re looking forward to in 2017? Or are you not really one to read romances? Tell me in the comments !!


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5 thoughts on “romance novels I’m excited for.

    • I still think a “Pride and Prejudice Go” would be a good idea… an app that shows you where a single man in possession of a good fortune is, because he apparently needs a wife!

      Though I will probably end up spending my Valentine’s Day with Harry Potter. Because those are good books.


    • Along for the Ride is my favorite! I’m also excited for The Love Interest, but I hadn’t heard of the second one… time to look it up on Goodreads. With a name like that it must be good.

      Also, yes, When Dimple Met Rishi looks really unique. There are so few culturally diverse books in YA, but that is steadily changing, and I think that one looks like I’ll probably end up bingereading it in one go.


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